Aquafrisch incorporates a new system for cleaning roofs in a washing plant for Russian railways

Last January the operations of the new washing equipment installed in Moscow officially began.
The special climatic conditions as well as the characteristics of the rolling stock (single and double decker trains, 625 m long Trans-Siberian) have been a design challenge achieved by Aquafrisch.
The washing room is of enormous proportions, including heating system, hot water arches, 16 washing brushes, dual detergent system, as well as special fans for drying, 3 complementary recycling systems for water reuse.
The new high-pressure roof arch with oscillating anti-ice nozzles has been tested with great success in this new washing plant. Its efficiency in cleaning and removing the ice embedded in the roof of the trains has been amply demonstrated.
Aquafrisch’s commitment to continuous improvement of its equipment and its investment in R&D has resulted in new systems adapted to the special needs of customers and respectful of the environment.