Carbon Footprint Reduction for Train Wash Plants

Rail Depot equipment

New tab detergent for Aquafrisch washing machines. Just by adding water!

In order to reduce the environmental impact of train washing, Aquafrisch together with the Swedish company “Surface Products” has launched a new tab detergent for washing rolling stock that combines efficiency and respect for the environment.

One Tab Pro guarantees optimal cleaning for trains, subways, trams …. Its distribution in tablets produces a huge advantage over the traditional distribution of liquid detergent packed in plastic containers:

  1. Drastic reduction of storage space
  2. Easy handling and dosage
  3. Removal of plastic containers as well as their transfer and transport.
  4. Drastic minimization of transport costs

The comparative studies carried out in 2020 by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, between liquid detergents and One Tab Pro tabs, were conclusive:

  • Liquid detergents: The transport and packaging of 20 tanks of 200 liters with chemical products, generates 372 kg of CO2
  • One Tab Pro: 80 boxes of 4 kg each, only produce 15 kg of CO2.

Result: a reduction in the environmental impact of greenhouse gases CO2 by 95.9%.

One Tab is distributed in a different format depending on the dirt to be treated: acid tablet for cleaning capable of dissolving oxides and brake dust, alkaline tablet to remove dirt particles and insects, neutral tablet to, in addition to cleaning, add a brighter finish or the wax tablet that repels water and facilitates faster drying.

One Tab Pro is a non-corrosive detergent, completely free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), these characteristics make it an effective product both in cleaning trains and in caring for the environment.