For he cleaning of locomotives

Water treatment

The first mechanized and manual locomotive wash plant of Saint Petersburg-Finland line, was inaugurated in October Road, it is equipped by a Spanish company Aquafrisch, whose equipment has a greater operational and reliability resource compared to the analogous ones.

The capacity of the tunnel is up to 60 locomotives of two sections per day. At the same time, it takes about 25 minutes to wash the locomotive with two sections at the machined point and 40 minutes at the manual point. The new tunnel offers sufficient reserves in case of a possible increase in the plan or the seasonal flow of the locomotives.

As the CEO of CJSC “Depot No. 1” and CJSC “LokomotivTransServis” Ivan Korenkov told the magazine “Gudok”, thanks to the water recycling system, there are almost no sewer system discharges, this technology allows us to save significantly detergents and water, if for the washing of a locomotive of one section it’s required approximately 400 l of water, then 200 l are now required for the washing of the entire locomotive with two sections. Approximately 1.8 liters of detergent per locomotive are used, its consumption has been reduced by almost half compared to its analogues.

The washing process consists of a prewash circuit, a detergent application circuit, a brushes module, and then the platforms equipped with high-pressure devices are located for the manual cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and the internal cleaning of the locomotive. Then a brushes module is installed, a rinsing circuit with clean water and a  the drying zone.

This year, 11 locomotive wash stations will be built on the network. Now design and study works are underway for the construction in 2019 of another 17 tunnels of this type.

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