Japan and Europe Getting Closer

Rail Depot equipment

Asayama Group and Aquafrisch signed a cooperation agreement

Last month of February 2020 a Japanese delegation of Asayama Group visited Aquafrisch facilities in Madrid area. Previously, Aquafrisch delegation had visited Japan late November 2019.

Japan has the world’s most developed train transport system both for urban areas and major city links. In cities like Tokyo or Osaka daily trips on cars are less than 20% while mass transport is taken on commuter or metro trains. High speed trains were first developed in Japan early in 1964. Punctuality and efficiency is also a major concern and organization is carefully planned so system can run smoothly.

European companies are counted among the most developed in the railway field due to a very deep railway tradition, configuration of the European market and entrepreneurial export vision.
Under this major frame Asayama Group and Aquafrisch signed a cooperation agreement last 01.04.2020 to share technology and common projects both in Japan market and overseas. Wide experience from these 2 companies for cleaning systems like Train Wash Plants and Bogie Wash Plants will ensure a top quality equipment.

On the other hand, top Japanese ultrafiltration MBR membranes have been incorporated by Aquafrisch to develop a water recycling system able to treat Virus and Bacteria without chemicals and a very low maintenance profile.