Presentation in Japan of the new 3D software for Aquafrisch TRAIN WASH PLANTS, BOGIES WASH CABINS and CET SYSTEMS FOR TOILET WASTE WATER SUCTION

Within the framework of the MASS-TRANS INNOVATION JAPAN 2019 Railway Exhibition that took place in Chiba on 27-29 November 2019, Aquafrisch presented in its own booth the new 3D software for TRAIN WASH PLANTS, BOGIE WASH CABINS and CET SYSTEMS FOR TOILET WASTE WATER SUCTION.

The demanding Japanese market has been the ideal scenario to show the new control system for train washing tunnels that allows the graphic representation in a dynamic way and in real time of all the critical components that are part of the equipment.

Thanks to the powerful graphics cards incorporated in the new Beckhoff IPC processors, the different components (motors, pumps, valves, hydraulic system, etc.) can now be represented in an easy and intuitive way. They change their colour in real time as they come into operation, thus indicating any type of malfunction. Similarly, the representation of the entire work space in 3D allows the operator a complete and immediate view of all parts of the equipment, which greatly facilitates any maintenance task.

The software also incorporates the new Preventive and Corrective Maintenance function with programmed assignment of tasks for maintenance personnel, which includes on the same control screen access to operating manuals, electrical diagrams, etc., substantially improving the reliability and quality of AQUAFRISCH equipment.

Our Software allows:
. Sending SMS to a mobile phone of any anomaly during the operation of the equipment.
. Possibility to change telephone number at any time (operator, supervisor, director etc) and to use any telephone operator.