Rail Depot equipment

Calipri Wheelset measurement system

Aquafrisch is the official supplier for Spain of Calipri developed by Nextsense.

AQUAFRISCH is the official supplier for Spain of Calipri, developed by Nextsense. Calipri’s laser technology makes it possible to measure rolling parameters in a few seconds and in an agile and precise way, even in the most difficult places with reduced space under the vehicle.

Using Calipri, human error in measuring and exporting results is reduced, thanks to the fact that Calipri corrects the inclination of the sensor in real time and records the results in a file compatible with spreadsheets. With Calipri it is possible to create personalised measurement plans, identifying vehicles, operators and parameters to be measured. Measurement modules currently available: This innovative method of measurement allows to integrate in the same equipment the measurement of multiple parameters, with immediate results.

This feature makes the scope of supply scalable. Thus, each parameter to be measured corresponds to a module, allowing the customer to choose the modules to be supplied with the acquisition of the equipment and which are to be supplied later.

 For rolling stock, the modules are:

Wheel profile

Wear on brake discs

Distance between internal face

Rim Thickness

Wheel diameter

Equivalent taper

Wheel defects


Calipri offers solutions not only for rolling stock, but also for infrastructure:

Profile of rail

Rail Defects

Needle changes

Geometry and relative positions of the rails


The standard C42 sensor is wireless. For confined spaces, we offer the C41 wired sensor. For exclusive measurement of the tab, you can purchase Calipri Prime.


  • Tablet
  • Panasonic tablet of high strength and durability
  • Briefcase

Equipment case

  • It includes the Tablet with charger, the sensor, the calibration standard, a safety harness and other small utensils depending on the software modules contracted.

Software modules availables

Rolling parameters:

  • Wheel profile
  • wear on brake discs
  • distance between internal faces
  • rim thickness
  • wheel diameter
  • Wear on rail heads
  • Wheel defects
  • Ovalization
  • switch
  • equivalent conicity
  • rail geometry
  • rail profile
  • rail defects
  • switch
  • Geometry and relative positions of the rails

Calipri Prime

  • Calipri Prime is designed specifically for the measurement of tab and qR parameter, so it does not include the tablet.

Módulos Calipri Prime

Through different supplements, the supply scope of Calipri Prime can be extended.

  • Reference object for regular self-adjustment
  • Calibrated wheel profile section
  • Tolerances
  • Full wheel profile, to include width, cradle and burr
  • Additional Batteries
  • Intelligent telephone, to identify the parameters and display the results