Rail Depot equipment

Sand distribution system

Our systems for filling sand in rail vehicles reduce operating times and minimise waste.

Rail vehicles often require the filling of sand used to improve traction and braking. Traditional methods require a lot of time and labour and often the waste dumped is harmful to health and the environment. Aquafrisch supplies automated equipment that allows a single operator to fill sand tanks through dispensers.

The sand is stored in a silo and distributed directly to the train tanks through a fixed installation or by means of a mobile filling vehicle. The sand can be delivered to the silo directly by tanker trucks. In this case, the truck has a pressure group to feed the silo. In cases where the silo cannot be supplied by truck, we recommend the bag feeding system, which is loaded into an auxiliary pneumatic group to feed the silo.

Fixed sand distribution systems

Fixed installations have local distribution points located along a service road, so that several sand tanks can be filled consecutively. The operator simply places the dispenser in the sand tank of the train and opens the flow valve. When the tank is full, the sand covering the dispenser will automatically stop the flow.

The scope includes a silo in which sand is stored prior to distribution to the bogie tanks. Along the train track are the sand dispensers, fed by a pneumatic group with sand from the silo, filling the bogie tanks and making it easier to stop the bogies.

Mobile sand distribution systems

For greater flexibility, we supply mobile sand dispensing systems, installed on trailer or electric vehicle.
This system has a storage tank that is loaded pneumatically and directly from the silo, allowing the sand to be easily transported and dispensed to each tank in the train, using a roll-up hose and nozzles.