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Recycling Water Systems

Recycling equipment reduces water consumption thanks to its reuse and avoids waste, thus complying with environmental standards

As a provider of water treatment solutions, Aquafrisch supplies its own recycling systems for the reuse of water from our washing plants. In addition, we can also treat this water to comply with regulations regarding discharge to the sewerage network.

Initial treatment of sediments and oil residues

The decanting tanks are the first phase of water recycling in the washing processes. They are essential to eliminate sedimentary solids, oils and greases, thus avoiding damaging the subsequent stages of recycling. The system consists of three tanks connected in series, one will separate solids by gravity, another will separate oils and fats by flotation and finally a buffer tank to propel the water to the next stage. The construction of these tanks can be carried out by civil works or supplied by Aquafrisch in a compact form in a container.

Compact MBR-UV.01 for filtering

The Compact MBR-UV.01 is a recycling system that does not require the use of chemicals. The system consists of membranes submerged in a tank where the physical separation of the solids takes place. The system integrates treatment of organic and microbiological matter by means of ultraviolet light, as well as pH control. By means of this system, the discharge and re-utilization of effluent is improved in comparison with conventional physical-chemical technology. The system is capable of reusing up to 97% of the waste from our washing plants. In addition, the inclusion of the Compact MBR-UV.01 avoids the intensive labour required by chemical treatment .

Demineralizing System

The use of plants for the treatment of tap water, prior to its use in rinsing, visibly improves the finish in the washing processes. Aquafrisch’s scope includes decalcification or demineralisation systems, as well as pre-treatment, to adapt the water to be used in the drying stages. These are compact systems that can incorporate both the decalcifier and the reverse osmosis unit on the same machine.