Water treatment

Drinking water

Integral solutions for the potabilization of water supplies for public and private institutions, both for small and large flows.

Numerous water facilities in both homes and businesses as well as in municipalities have problems with natural salts and organic substances, particles and gases that can be found in groundwater. We offer complete solutions for drinking water supplies oriented to both small and large flows, as well as in public and private institutions. Our water treatment plants are designed to meet the requirements recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for drinking water.


Compact Plants

Automatic with electronic monitoring

Safe and fast installation

High operational reliability


Reverse Osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration

The compact membrane plants consist of a pre-treatment and a reverse osmosis / nanofiltration / ultrafiltration module installed in a frame. Designed for a safe and fast installation. We manufacture standard modules or adapted to the needs of the client.

Compact Plants for drinking water

The potabilization plant solution consists of a physical-chemical treatment, lamellar decanting, multilayer filtration and final water conditioning, complying with the quality standards established by the WHO.