Water treatment

Process water by Eurowater

We have the best commercial partner in Europe to offer the best technology on the market in water treatment equipment.

Process Water by Eurowater.
AQUAFRISCH counts on the best European commercial partner in last technology equipment of water treatment. This allows us to distribute products with exigency of high quality. Process water is a common name for water which can not be classified as drinking water and which is used in connection with technical plants and processes in production companies, heat and power plants, and institutions. Process water has undergone a more extensive treatment, e.g. softening and demineralization.

Softening units

Electrodeionization Systems

Reverse Osmosis plants

The hardness of the water causes incrustations in pipes or in any equipment that is used in water treatment systems. The decalcification units prevent these negative effects and these units are regenerated automatically with salt.

Industrial process water produced by EDI is the highest quality, using 95% less chemicals than conventional ion exchange technology. EDI is a continuous process and utilizes chemical-free regeneration.

Reverse osmosis units are used for the production of demineralized water without the use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The units remove up to 90% of the organic substances and retain between 98-99% of the salt in the water.

Ultraviolet Systems

Reverse Osmosis + Electrodeionization Systems

Pressure Filters

UV light can effectively reduce microbiological growth in water. UV radiation with a wavelength of 254 nanometers kills bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi and destroy the DNA of microorganisms. UV light disinfection is applicable to almost all types of water.

Integrated Reverse Osmosis + Electrodeionization plants

They are used for innumerable applications, such as groundwater, surface water, process water and sea water. They are simple equipment, protected against corrosion, and the filter medium is selected according to the needs.