More about us

Aquafrisch is a family business founded in 1996 that started as a company manufacturing and distributing water treatment and purification equipment.

Shortly after, she entered the field of maintenance of railway depots and began to manufacture washing machines for trains and various equipment for rail and metro.

Twenty years later, Aquafrisch is consolidated as a manufacturer of machinery for railway depots and water treatment, industrial and potabilization equipment. During these years, Aquafrisch spread throughout the national territory and is also very present in international markets, exporting nearly 90% of its production.

  1. Mission

    To offer highly efficient equipment and services for railway depots and water treatment in a sustainable manner, generating profitability, value and well-being in the communities in which we work and guaranteeing long-term stability.

  2. Vision

    To assure the prosperity of the company in the sector through the recognition of our work, our values and our human team.

  3. Values

    Aquafrisch bases its work on the following values: customer orientation, teamwork, respect, tolerance, continuous improvement, work safety, quality, realistic approach, loyalty, reliability, honesty, sustainability and constancy.


    Our company has evolved towards a flexible business model that has allowed it to grow or contract in an orderly manner, adapting to the different national and international situations with which it has encountered throughout its history, maintaining its premise of constant innovation.

    Today, Aquafrisch integrates all equipment production processes from mechanical and software design to installation,and this adds an extra value. Our facilities are open to all our customers throughout the life of the project so that they can check the progress of the manufactured equipment.


    People who are part of the Aquafrisch team are the fundamental pillar of the company and those who achieve greater growth and consolidation in the market every year. Aquafrisch is formed by multidisciplinary teams of professionals committed to offering the best solutions in a responsible manner to our clients. From the early stages of project design to after-sales services, our staff is trained to provide a reliable and quality service.


    Aquafrisch is located in Madrid (Spain) and has 2,000 m2 of facilities adapted to the design, manufacture and factory testing of the equipment. The facilities have the necessary human and technological resources to carry out the work, meeting the requirements of our customers and under quality standards.