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We are a benchmark in the manufacture of machinery for railway workshops and management of drinking, waste and industrial water on the five continents.

We are Aquafrisch

Aquafrisch is a family business founded in 1996.

In its beginnings, Aquafrisch was dedicated entirely to water treatment and like all companies, after the first steps it made its way. Little by little we entered the railway sector and specifically in the area of washing / maintenance of rolling stock, knowing the needs of the client first hand.

Aquafrisch is currently consolidated as a company that manufactures machinery for workshops and water treatment equipment, both industrial and process and purification. We have spread throughout the national territory and we have a solid presence in international markets, exporting almost 90% of our production.

We offer highly efficient equipment and services for railway workshops thanks to our experience obtained after years of adaptation and perseverance in finding the best solutions for our clients. We generate value and well-being in the communities in which we work, guaranteeing profitability and long-term stability.

We ensure the success of the company in the sector of maintenance of railway workshops, equipment for washing trains and the treatment and purification of water, through the recognition of our work, values and human team.

We are based on these values: customer orientation, teamwork, respect, continuous improvement, safety at work, quality, realistic approach, honesty, sustainability and perseverance.

We have evolved towards a flexible business model that has allowed us to grow in an orderly manner and adapt to different national and international circumstances.

At Aquafrisch we integrate all the processes in the production of the equipment, from the mechanical and software design to the installation, giving added value and quality to the projects. This organizational strategy allows us great flexibility in response to customer needs.

We are open to our customers throughout the manufacturing process so they can check the progress of the equipment.

Human capital is the fundamental pillar of Aquafrisch. We have a multidisciplinary team committed to each project and focused on the objective of offering our clients the best solutions and technologies available on the market.

They are the ones who make Aquafrisch continue to grow and consolidate itself in the market thanks to a reliable and quality service, from the first steps of project design to monitoring and after-sales once the equipment is installed.

Aquafrisch’s headquarters are located in Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Spain) and have 3,500 m2 for the design, manufacture and testing of equipment. It also has the most advanced technological resources to execute the projects meeting the requirements of our clients and the most demanding quality standards.

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