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Technical service

Aquafrisch’s post-sale services include a wide range of programs that allow us to cover the particular needs of each client.
An adequate maintenance, repair, spare parts, consumables and training service guarantees the operation of the equipment at optimal levels of quality and safety throughout its useful life. It is also the most profitable way to amortize the investment.

Correct maintenance guarantees the operation of the equipment at optimum levels of quality and safety. It is also the most cost-effective way to amortize the investment.

There are different preventive maintenance contracts that reduce the number of incidents and optimize equipment operation. At the same time, these contracts offer advantages and discounts on other services: emergency repairs, training, consumables or spare parts. For more information, please contact our technical support service on +34 91 380 03 33.

Aquafrisch offers a full range of spare parts and materials to ensure efficient operation.

The best results for preventive and corrective maintenance should include a selection of supplies and spare parts specifically designed for the optimal operation of the equipment. In this way, the useful life of the equipment is extended and the number of incidents is reduced. For more information, contact our technical assistance service on the phone +34 91 380 0333.

We offer on-site training to train local technical staff in the use and maintenance of our equipment.

At the end of an installation, Aquafrisch will carry out training for the users of the equipment. This training can be done at the client’s request as many times as needed.

ON-LINE support through remote connection

Aquafrisch includes in its equipment the possibility of obtaining ON LINE support through a remote connection for incident resolution.

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