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Calipri wheel parameter measurement

AQUAFRISCH is the official supplier for Spain of Calipri, developed by Nextsense / Hexagon. Calipri’s laser technology makes it possible to quickly and accurately measure rolling parameters in a few seconds, even in the most difficult places with reduced space under the vehicle.

Calipri integrates the measurement of multiple parameters in the same equipment, with immediate results. This feature makes it possible for the scope of supply to be scalable. Thus, each parameter to be measured corresponds to a module, the customer being able to choose the modules to be supplied with the purchase of the equipment and which are to be supplied later.

Calipri measuring equipment is marketed in 2 versions: Calipri C42 (portable version), Calipri Prime (basic portable version) and Calipri X (fixed version for measuring passing trains).

Calipri C42 (full portable version)

The Calipri C42 measurement equipment is wireless. It is accompanied by a tablet and calibration system integrated in a briefcase.

For rolling stock, the measurement modules are as follows:

  • Wheel profile
  • Brake disc wear
  • Distance between internal faces
  • Rim thickness
  • Wheel diameter
  • Equivalent taper
  • Wheel defects
  • Ovalization

Calipri offers not only solutions for rolling stock, but also for infrastructure:

  • Rail profile
  • Rail defects
  • Needle changes
  • Geometry and relative positions of the rails

Compatible with Calipri Predictor measurement processing software for cloud storage.

Calipri Prime (basic portable version)

Calipri Prime is specifically designed for measuring the wheel profile. It does not include a tablet but it does include calibration equipment and a case.

Calipri X (fixed version for measuring passing trains)

Calipri X is installed on a railway track with minimal civil engineering work, allowing fully automated measurement of the train’s rolling parameters.

The measurement modules that can be included are:

  • Wheel profile
  • Diameter
  • Distance between internal faces
  • Equivalent taper

Compatible with Calipri Predictor measurement processing software for cloud storage.

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Calipri wheel parameter measurement
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