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Eurowater process plants

Process water is the common name for water that cannot be classified as drinking water. It is used in connection with technical plants and processes in production enterprises, power plants and institutions. This type of water has undergone further treatment, e.g. softening and demineralization.

Softening units

Water hardness causes scale in pipes, equipment and water treatment systems. Softening units prevent these effects by exchanging the calcium and magnesium salts in the water with sodium salts which do not cause the disadvantages of hard water.

Electrodeionization Systems (EDI)

An electroionization demineralization (EDI) treatment plant is used to obtain low levels of conductivity and silica. EDI is an alternative to a conventional mixed bed polisher. It is a continuous process and uses chemical-free regeneration.

Reverse Osmosis Units

Reverse osmosis units are used for the production of demineralized water without the use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Units remove up to 90% of organic substances and retain 98-99% of salt in water.

Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

UV rays reduce microbiological growth in water. UV with a wavelength of 254 nanometers destroys the DNA of bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. UV disinfection is applicable to almost all types of water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems + Electrodeionization

Equipment that integrates Reverse Osmosis + Electrodeionization technology

Pressure filters

Pressure filters are used to treat groundwater, surface water, process water, and seawater, among other uses. They are simple equipment, protected against corrosion, and the filter medium is selected according to needs.

Wastewater, urban and industrial
Eurowater process plants
Compact emergency plants
Effluent reuse and/or discharge system
Water treatment plants
MBR: Recycling of water through membranes
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