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WC’s waste water suction systems

The systems for extracting and loading sanitary water for trains developed by Aquafrisch allow a simple, fast and safe emptying and filling process.

Fixed WC extraction system

The system is made up of independent extraction stations distributed along the railway track. Each station has its own extraction hose, and may also include rinsing and filling of the train tanks. The extraction is carried out by means of a pneumatic unit that generates a vacuum to extract the fluids from the train. Thus, through this vacuum, contact between the pneumatic group and the extracted fluids is avoided.

The vacuum is generated centrally in the storage tanks, so that plant operators only have to connect the hoses and operate the valves at each station.

The control can also be automatic. In this case, the plant operator connects all the hoses, and the system executes the sequence of emptying all the stations. The automatic plants have touch screens for easy and intuitive handling.

Our designs conceive from 1 to more than 50 extraction stations.

Mobile systems for extraction of WC’s

For greater flexibility, we supply mobile extraction systems, installed on a trailer or electric vehicle. Aquafrisch combines steel or GRP tanks with a capacity of up to 2000 litres with vacuum pumps, which allow great adaptation to the needs of each client. The rinsing and subsequent refilling of the train tanks can be included.

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WC’s waste water suction systems
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