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Effluent reuse and/or discharge system

The compact MBR system allows treated water to be suitable for reuse and discharge into a public flow system meeting the most demanding discharge requirements.

The COMPACT MBR-UV System allows the reuse of 95%-98% of the treated water or its final discharge with a high water quality. The discharge and reuse of the effluent can be substantially improved by applying an ultrafiltration process, designed as a final process with submersible membranes, which essentially constitute a high-quality tertiary treatment.

The installation of this equipment has important advantages with respect to the conventional activated sludge process, by replacing the decanters or conventional filtration system, with the consequent savings in maintenance, reagents, space and safety for operators, as well as complete safety in the final discharge, pH regulation and sterilization.


  • Compact system for the reuse and/or discharge of effluents
  • Reduction of sludge produced
  • Reduction of 30-40% of the space required in conventional equipment
  • Minimum operational and maintenance intervention
  • No need for chemicals
  • Use of submersible ultrafiltration membranes
  • Modular
  • High quality of treated water
  • pH control
  • UV sterilization
Wastewater, urban and industrial
Eurowater process plants
Compact emergency plants
Effluent reuse and/or discharge system
Water treatment plants
MBR: Recycling of water through membranes
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